Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

My Fiancé And I Have Never Danced Before. How Long Will It Take To Learn To Dance?

Most couples can learn to dance for their first dance in three to five lessons. If you would like a very simple first dance, you may need only one or two lessons. However, it is often hard for couples to find time to practice together, and so a few more lessons may make you feel more comfortable dancing together. If you would like to be able to dance some of the other popular dances that will be played by the band or DJ, you may want to take additional lessons to learn these dances as well. Some couples find that the lessons are so much fun, they decide to learn other dances!

We Haven't Chosen A Song. What Should We Do?

We have a list of popular songs for your first dance, and we can also advise you if you have any questions. If you have several choices, bring all of them to your first lesson, and we can tell you which song we think would be the most appropriate. Remember, your song should be meaningful to you and not necessarily be what everyone else has chosen. So if you would like to do a passionate Tango, we can show you how.

We Waited Until The Last Minute. Can You Help Us?

Of course we can!! We can still make you look great. Don't hesitate to call, and we will fit you in for one or two lessons. You'll be amazed at how polished you will look after only one lesson.

What Should We Wear To Our Lessons?

Wear clothing you are comfortable in for your lessons. Ladies should wear something similar to the shoe you will be wearing for your wedding. Try to find a shoe with a similar heel height and style. Flip flops and mules are not a good choice for lessons. Men should wear a dress shoe with a leather sole rather than running shoes that tend to stick on the floor.

Can My Parents Come And Learn To Dance?

Many parents of the bride or groom decide to take a few lessons so they will feel more comfortable dancing at the reception. We can also arrange lessons for the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance. If fact, we can teach everyone in the wedding party to dance. Many brides find the lessons with their father to be a special and emotional time together before the wedding. Please call if you have any special requests or concerns. We have been teaching since 1984, so we have over 25 years of experience making brides happy on their special day.